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SOCK IT TO MILLINOCKET! or, How to lose 23 lbs in one day or your money back!!! or, How to follow a heart that is breaking, or Baby Boot-ist.

Fourth of JU-LY! 2010!


Fireworks in the high-school parking lot.


Uh. Ta na na na.

Bitch, I will drive 18 miles per hour in front of your ass

This ain’t Mass–

achusettes.  … It’s Maine!!

Insane.  Insane in the Mainebrain!

He drove 1,000 miles to put me on the trail. Thank you beebee!

It only took 9 hours to drive up here.  I mean, to drive up hee-yah.  It only took my half a second to know without a doubt that I left my boots back at the ranch.  Left em back about 400 miles.  So, how does one hike the Appalachian Trail in flip-flops?  Hey, I could be the first one!  I could be famous!  One man did it blind.  His name was Bill Irwin.  I may not have shoes, but I have eyes.  But can I see?

     “…Be ye lamps unto yourselves.  Hold fast to the Dharma as a lamp.  Hold fast to the Dharma as a refuge.  Look      not  for refuge to any one beside yourselves” (Mahaparanirvana Sutra).

I did not see that we drove away wearing only flip-flops.  I thought everything was in that one special 75 lb. bag full of everything I really, really need.  Nope.  Haha!  (More later on that 75 lb. bag)

     “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  It is founded on our thoughts.  It is made up of    our thoughts” (Dharmapada). 

Okay, so no big deal.  Sage Rara brought me to realize that everything is integrated.  It will all work out.  No biggie. 🙂

 So I’m sitting here in Ye Olde Appalachian Trail Cafe in Millinocket, ME population 5,203, a bootless buddhist.  A boot-ist, waiting for my man to fly my feet to me. 

We ate lobster and prime rib! Ye-yer!

This is all pretty romantic.  It was really hard to say good-bye.  I felt shock and loss after he drove away.  But we both know this needs to happen.  It’s bigger than us; and it makes us bigger to listen to the little knocking inside that calls us away from the things we know, or think we know. 

Temporary Residence #1

I thought I knew how to put everything I needed into a bag.  But I didn’t and probably still don’t.  I’m a little wiser, however, thanks to Ole Man Paul.  He helped me lose 23 pounds of weight from my pack. 

     “Nope you don’t need that.  Or that”.  Ok, Ole Man, whatever you say.  🙂

And so I’ll send it home to the Polly. 

 Now I may actually be able to do this.  Thank you Ole Man!

I’ll start on Thursday (Insha Allah) by climbing Katahdin, leaving my big pack at the Ranger station.  Then proceed south.  More to come!  Please wish me luck!

Oh, also here is my first real insect bite.  (In a dramatic tone) It was a large insect.  I felt his stinger right away and grabbed him/her between my two fingers and squeezed him/her dead.  It still mananged to leave this itchy bump though.  Scintillating, no?

Willing to risk death for sweet, sweet blood.

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